Body count: 10+
Best threat: "She turned her head and all you heard was pop/By now they knew we wasn't fakin/Blood over the floor, bodies layin there shakin"
Album: I Know How to Play 'Em
Producer: Big Boss
Label: Rap-a-Lot

Another under-appreciated early Rap-A-Lot release, OG Style made some noise with their "I Know How To Play 'Em" single, combining brag rap traditions with H-Town street shit for an enjoyable debut LP. "10 B 3" describes a violent jail break on a scale worthy of a Hollywood action blockbuster, all over the ever-reliable "UFO" break. As the tension mounts and the body count rapidly piles up, the crew makes it to their hideout, but only Boss and E survive the subsequent raid. Big Boss and Original E passed away in 2006 and 2008, respectively, fwiw.