Date: 10/27/2005

Jay-Z and Nas officially ended the greatest rap beef of all time in 2005 at New Jersey's Continental Airlines Arena. Though rumors of their reconciliation had been flying around for weeks, it was still unexpected.

After all, Jay, who'd announced his pseudo-retirement two years before, had titled the comeback concert "I Declare War." Everyone predicted another "Summer Jam screen" moment, and speculated on the target: 50 Cent? Game? Jim Jones? Cam'ron? Nas?

Instead, when Jay started performing "Where I'm From," he cut the music off at the "Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas?" line and told the crowd, "You know what I did for hip-hop? I said fuck that shit! Let's go, Esco!" Nas rose up from an elevator on the stage, spit the hook on "Dead Presidents," and performed some classics from Illmatic. Nas signed to Def Jam, then run by Jay-Z, a few months later. Guess Jigga won the war after all? Nah, hip-hop won.