You Won't Believe What The Crowd At Danny Brown's Show Chanted At Kitty Last Night

Hip-hop really needs to grow up.

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So, have you heard about the "whole Danny Brown oral sex thing?"

If not, here's the skinny: Danny Brown was performing in Minneapolis a couple of weeks back and a girl in the audience sucked his dick while he was rapping in front of the crowd (we refuse to link it, but you can find footage of the incident on WSHH Uncut—and yes there's an uncut version of WSHH where it only gets worse).

Before the footage surfaced, Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde) wrote a piece on Noisey titled, "My Thoughts On The Whole Danny Brown Oral Sex Thing" where she confirmed the incident and declared what happened to Danny was, in fact, sexual assault. 

Whether it was her intention or not, Kitty's article only made the incident—or "The Thing" as she calls it—all the more infamous.

Last night in New York City when she took the stage at Irving Plaza to open for Danny Brown, members of the audience chanted, "SUCK HIS DICK, SUCK HIS DICK," according to the Village Voice (Sidebar: Danny was apparently not a fan of the Voice's review and tweeted at the writer).

Once again, Kitty confirmed the incident, this time by taking to Twitter.

literally stood in front of 1200 people chanting "suck danny's dick" last night hahahahahahah

Thankfully for the tenor of the rest of the show, Kitty took it in stride and laughed it off, though she fairly could have felt insulted by the crass jibs.

However, Danny didn't seem to think Kitty was being victimized during this Twitter exchange with Sasha Hecht, an editor from Noisey. 

@sashahecht so when I opened for artist ... And the crowd chanted for the headliner during my set ... I was victimized?

Geez, someone really needs to cut Kitty some slack. 

[via The Village Voice]

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