Funkiest Jam: Michael Jackson "Rock With You"

Rod Temperton has the kind of name a Certified Public Accountant would commit fraud for. However, Rod's history is anything but "doing taxes"-levels of boring. For one, he was the keyboardist for the seminal funk/disco band Heatwave ("Boogie Nights"). Not only was he the keyboardist, but he was responsible for writing a majority of Heatwave's more popular songs, like "Always And Forever" and "The Groove Line."

Rod also racked up songwriting credits for acts ranging from Rufus to Michael McDonald and Donna Summer to Herbie Hancock. Eventually, Rod was recruited by none other than Quincy Jones (for whom he had written several songs) to assist in Michael Jackson's Off The Wall album. The result: "Rock With You." If Rod's inclusion still doesn't make sense, then consider that "he wrote 'Thriller'... 'Thriller'."