The first few weeks after a good song comes out are crucial. Take for example, Kendrick Lamar's recent record, good kid, m.A.A.d city, which, upon initial release, everyone bumped (loudly) because it's awesome, and because it was fresh.

But somewhere down the happens.

It might be on the subway, it might be at work—but it'll definitely happen. Maybe it's your out-of-touch co-worker from the Midwest, or your neighbors who have hobbies like gardening and Sudoku, but there will be a white person who starts singing "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" out of the blue, causing a great song to lose all of its cred.

When this happens, what once was seen as irreverent, new, and subversive has now become mainstream and played out. When your lame friends start posting Cruel Summer lyrics as Facebook statuses and Matt Lauer starts talking about 2 Chainz on The Today Show, shit loses its luster quickly.

We thought about those songs that once stood for something more than a catchy hook and a good beat, before being relegated to intermittent play on Top 40 radio stations for the the masses to get down to during rush hour. Here are 20 great rap songs ruined by white people.

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