Year: 1999
Original Label: Bad Boy
New Label: Ruff Ryders

Why They Left: On "Touch The Sky" Kanye West rhymed, "I felt like Bad Boys street team, I couldn't work the LOX." That about sums up L-O-X's career in the house that Biggie built. The LOX wanted to make hardcore street anthems like "Money, Power, Respect" but instead Puffy had them rocking shiny suits. It wasn't a complete failure, as LOX's debut album Money, Power, Respect went platinum. But once their management team Ruff Ryders got their own label deal with Interscope, Jada, Styles, and Sheek felt they were better off rolling with the RR.

Career After They Left: At the beginning, leaving Bad Boy seemed like a great idea. The LOX hit the streets hard with a solid album, We Are The Streets, that was hardcore throughout and promised, "No more shiny suits!" However, since then the trio haven't released another album. Instead, they all opted to pursue solo careers even though they continued to work heavily with each other.

Although they didn't become big stars, it felt like things had worked out for them. Then 50 Cent got into a feud with Jadakiss and made fun of him, saying Puffy still owned his publishing from the early days. After getting into a heated argument with Diddy on Hot 97, The LOX's supposedly got their publishing back. In retrospect, it seemed like leaving Bad Boy was a bad idea for the Yonkers rappers.