"Best" Line: "And I got her ... grocery bag."
Album: We Are Young Money

Gudda Gudda ... more like Gouda Gouda! Because he's so cheesy...am I right?! "Bed Rock" is a very important Young Money posse cut; it was the group's most successful single, certified three times platinum. It was great—especially for Gudda Gudda, whose ultimate line "And I got her, nigga/Grocery bag," is one of the world's most awkward (and confusing) punchlines. The pause makes you anxious for the drop—and then it flops, fantastically.

It just makes no sense. It's not just that line, though. It's the context; placed between Wayne's leading verse, Lloyd's infectious chorus and Nicki's hot opening line ("OK I get it, let me think/I guess it's my turn/Maybe it's time to put this pussy on ya sideburns"), Gudda Gudda stands apart. "I'm that Red Bull/Now let's fly away" is an obvious reference to a marketing campaign, and "I like the way you walking when you walking my way" leaves us with one of rap's great rhetorical questions: If I'm not walking your way, do you still like my walk? —Lauren Nostro