Producer: Tone Capone
Album: "Bay Ballas (Remix)" - Single
Label: Noo Trybe

"I Got 5 On It" wasn't just the Bay's anthem, it became a national one, too. And the accompanying remix featured a who's who of Bay Area superstars. After an opening pimp rap from Dru Down, Numskull promises to "blow up like Oklahoma." Richie Rich has some slick bars of Yay Area slang ("put your feev' with my fin, best believe we'll bend") but E-40 delivers the song's most inventive verse.

Opening with a sing-song reference to the Club Nouveau song sampled on the beat, 40 then skips into his idiosyncratic rapid fire flow, inventing new words along the way ("flamboasting," obviously a combination of "flamboyant" and "boasting").

Soon thereafter Yukmouth promises to "guzzle the hen-do" so he can "do the evil that men do." He's immediately followed by Digital Underground's Shock G, who switches into Humpty Hump mode halfway through. A brief double-time verse from Spice 1, who keeps his typical flourishes to a minimum, closes out the song, making it the sort of posse cut that needs to be played all the way to the end. David Drake

Best Verse: E-40