Thanks to DJTechTools, we've found our new favorite Tumblr: Serato Face. You know what the Serato Face is, right? The proper definition is "a blank or inappropriate facial expression worn while staring at a screen at a dance party or social club," and if you've been to a club and seen a DJ spin recently, you've no doubt seen it. It's one of those things that you don't realize can be kind of funny until someone points it now - now we figure you won't be able to do anything BUT point out DJs making the "Serato Face."

To help properly showcase this phenomenon, here are 20 DJs - ranging from proper DJs like Diplo, Nick Catchdubs, and Dave Nada to Tommy Lee, Al Walser, and Shepard Fairey, three guys we didn't know even touched the decks - all caught mid-Serato Face. Enjoy.

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