When: September 5, 2012

What Happened: Lupe Fiasco is known for speaking his mind about hip-hop culture. "Chief Keef scares me," Lupe said in an interview with Baltimore’s 92 Q Jams. “Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents…. The hoodlums, the gangsters, and the ones you see killing each other and the murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it — they all look like Chief Keef.”

Lupe wasn’t too keen on Keef’s music given all the violence in Chicago. In fact, he asserted that Keef was having a bad influence on American youth. Of course, this didn’t sit well with Keef, who directed an angry tweet at him: “Lupe fiasco a hoe-ass nigga And wen I see him I'ma smack him like da lil bitch he is #300.” Keef later claimed that his Twitter had been hacked. Just eight days later, Lupe would shout-out Keef at a concert in Toronto, marking the end of their beef.