Chicago's Lil Durk isn't as famous as Chief Keef, and he's not as prolific as King L, but he is just as talented as either, carving out his own niche in the city's drill scene with a unique, creative, melodic flow and an extremely consistent catalog.

A Def Jam signee and member of the Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE) clique, Durk's I'm Still A Hitta and Life Ain't No Joke mixtapes are two of the better hip-hop releases this year. The former, in particular, is a tight, focused, and singular document of Chicago rap in 2012. 

But who is this 19-year-old Englewood native? We spoke with Lil Durk about where he grew up, his discography, his experience signing with a major record label, and the stresses of success.

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