Killa Cam was on a hot streak for the first half of the Aughts. His solo albums Come Home With Me and Purple Haze achieved cult classic status, as did his Diplomats crew's effort, Diplomatic Immunity. Cam'ron was exerting an unbelievable amount of influence of the rap game, and Killa Season (complete with a low-budget, so-bad-it's-good film of the same name) was supposed to keep that going. But it didn't...according to the music press.

Critics dismissed the record as a clunky, bloated affair with too much unnecessary filler. Stellar singles like "Wet Wipes" and "Touch It or Not" owned the streets and the club, but did little to sway an overall negative reception when the consensus of the full-length effort came in. Yes, some of the album lags, but "Killa Cam," "He Tried to Play Me," "Triple Up," and "Girls, Cash, Cars" rank among the best records Cam'ron has done. Perhaps reviewers were distracted by his canker sore of a feud with Jay-Z at the time.