Age: 25
Label: Cash Money/Young Money
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Active Since: 2006
Twitter: @Drake
Best Known Song: "Best I Ever Had" (2009)

Since he is one of the biggest rappers in hip-hop in general, it should come as no suprise that Drake tops this list. Even if he's got tons of haters who feel that the swag don't match the sweaters, it seems that no amount of hate (not even bar brawls with Chris Brown) can knock Drizzy out of the hip-hop stratosphere. 

Drake's catalog and accolades would be impressive for a rapper of any age-but the fact that he's accomplished so much before hitting 26 is simply mind blowing. With mega mixtapes, endless features, and two platinum albums in his rearview mirror, Drake's road ahead is looking like a long and successful one.