Producer: J Dilla
Album: Fishscale
Label: Def Jam

With J Dilla setting a perfect reflective mood with a teary-eyed soul sample, Ghost sadly laments the sting of parental punishment he experienced as a rowdy Bebe's Kid, doing dumb shit like pouring juice on his siblings' food and wetting the bed. Comparing back then to today's politically correct society, he offers up the real on how things done changed: "Nowadays kids don't get beat, they get big treats/Fresh pair of sneaks, punishment's like, 'Have a seat'/Back then when friends and neighbors would bust that ass/And bring you to your mama, yo, she got the switch in the stash/That's back-to-back beatings/Only went outside for free lunch/My welts on my legs still leakin', yo." Damn. These kids today got it easy, man.