Producer: RZA
Album: The W
Label: Loud

Production-wise, "Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)" is nothing like its predecessor, but rather a throwback to a bygone era in hip-hop when a beat could change direction without notice. The track's crazy squawk sounds were lifted from a do-or-die war between Godzilla and Rodan, while the drums are reminiscent of '80s percussion bliss. Meth lets you know they "bust shots at Big Ben like we got time to kill," and RZA, aka Bobby Digital, reassures that you may catch him in Polo Skippers or Havana Joes, "but you won't catch me without the ratchet, in the joint, smoked out, dead broke, or off point."

Ghost, meanwhile, has no shame in admitting he still sports his old Force MD furs. Not to be outdone, Cappa promises, "You might see me in a 6, that's not my style/You might see me with a bitch, that's not my child." Wu-Tang is still for the children, though.