Producer: RZA
Album: Ironman
Label: Razor Sharp/Epic Street

Originally appearing on the Sunset Park soundtrack, the grim "Motherless Child" is another heavily descriptive account from the Wallabee Champ, recounting how a wild dude from the streets gets caught slippin' ("Money had slept like a nightgown," as Ghost says). The story of retribution begins one night when the kid decides to rob the wrong people.

GFK: "Seen him at the flicks, he pulled out on Duke, Hez, and Lateef/But he fucked up, he shoulda kept it real and went for kill/'Cause if he don't, these niggas with black barrels will." Making the mistake of letting his enemies live, payback happens shortly after in BK when "he rolled up in the Albee Square, relaxed like he lived there/Two kids was beamin' him, them niggas from the movie theatre."

After seeing their target purchase "a King Tut piece about the size of Lil' Maurice," they approach the guy: "Remember me? The nigga from the UA and you pulled out?" Mayhem erupts, and the former victor is shot a total of 11 times and stripped of his new chain. "Shit is horrible," Ghost comments in an overwhelmed voice after his verse. Horrible indeed. As for the song, it couldn't shine more brightly.