Producer: Mathematics
Album: Supreme Clientele
Label: Epic/Razor Sharp Records

"Mighty Healthy" is that rare post–Golden Age hip-hop song that is densely structured with various sampled bits from more than one source, including the often-used "Synthetic Substitution" drum break, not to mention an interpolation of Divine Force's "Holy War" ("Don't fuck with Ghost you'll feel sorry/That's word, I'm not the herb, understand what I'm sayin'?").

The rap Derek Jeter chews up the atmospheric track, letting it be known that "You goddamn right, I fuck fans." (In case you were wondering.) The prolific rapper goes on to point out he that hits mics like Ted Koppel and that his writing is cinematic, "every script's like Miramax." Most of all, as witnessed here on this eerie track, his music truly is in the best shape of its life.

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