Producer: Hassan
Album: Supreme Clientele
Label: Epic/Razor Sharp Records

For those who thought the Wu-Tang reign was weakening at the start of the millennium, Supreme Clientele proved them wrong. The victorious burst of energy that is "Apollo Kids" finds Tony Starks soaring above the competition, confidence in no short supply. In case anyone had forgotten, Ghost was here to remind them who the fuck he was: "Since the 'Face been revealed, the game got real/Radio been gassin' niggas, my imposters screamin', 'Ill!'/I'm the inventor, '86 rhymin' at the Center/Debut '93 LP told you to Enter."

The "face revealed" line is an ill flashback to the early public appearances of GFK in which his grill was always covered up to hide his identity. Yup, Ghost was back and his vocabulary was as intriguing and strange as ever. But that's the thing. Whether you understand him or not doesn't matter—he can tell you his rap is like ziti and you believe him. Raekwon's fired-up cameo is mandatory, as the two rhyme partners have the chemistry and catalog to establish them as Wu's finest two-man partnership.