Produced by: The Alchemist

Raekwon: “That one is mean right there. I didn't even know how the fuck I was gonna rhyme on that shit at first. I was hangin’ with Alchemist one day and I was like, ‘Yo, I need you on the album.’ He was like, ‘Word, word?’ I was like, ‘You already know we been should a did this shit.’ So he like, ‘Yo, aight. I gotta a couple of beats I've been working on lately. You check ‘em out. You let me know which one.’

”A lot of times I gotta do my own A&R work. So he played a couple, then he played this shit. I'm sayin, ‘This shit is crazy.’ I'm like, ‘Where do you come in at?’ I'm lookin’ at him and Alchemist pass the weed like, ‘I don't know, just do you.’ So, I was like yeah, I'm a challenge this beat right here.

”It was definitely an awkward beat, and I think that the stuff that I like is the challenge as an artist. Because sometimes we get tired of hearing an artist with the same fucking bounce. I knew that this was me going out the box and me trying something different again. I love to try different shit so people can't be like, ‘Yo, I heard a song like that already from Rae.’ This one was jumping on the other side of the fence right here.

“When I rhyme, sometimes I rhyme kinda like according to how the beat sounds and I just start coming up with wordplay. So, I didn't really know in what direction I was gonna go. I just knew I was gonna set the rhyme up with ‘surgical gloves.’ I’m saying to myself, ‘Why the fuck you say ‘surgical gloves’?’ But it just sound hot. I'm just bar-in, everything out, like dart for dart. Line for line. Crazy rhyme though, and it definitely wound up being one of my favorites on the album.”