Produced by: Kanye West

Raekwon: “That record right there was a record where I knew we wasn't gonna go out there looking like idiots together, us three. When I look at the accomplishments Justin Bieber has in his career, and I look at ‘Ye's career, and I look at mine, I'm saying to myself, ‘At the end of the day it's gonna be hot.’ I don't know what everybody's all nervous about, but I could expect it only because shorty has a different kind of music that he makes.

”So it was more or less like your nephew coming to your uncle for some love. Come hang out with your uncles today. That's how I kinda felt overall through it. But, yeah, once I knew that Kanye was gonna make his magic happen I was confident. I knew it was a strong remix. I heard him when he sung his other remix, and I thought he had a great voice for his age and his size.

“When we made it [Justin] wasn't there. Kanye was there. Me and Kanye was in the studio. Bieber was on the road I guess doing some things. We was rhyming to it and I was just having fun. Just gliding to it. I kept asking myself like, ‘Damn, should you go hard on it? Nah, you can't go hard we got the younger audience.’ So now I find myself curbing my sound structure to not make it rated R because you can't come rated R, but still fly shit. But that's what I came out with, and I wanted really to dumb it down, just not be so difficult with it. I just went in there and smashed two verses and ‘Ye went in there and did his thing afterwards and it was a wrap after that.

“It was more to support him and his generation of music and at the same time also get his generation to acknowledge me. I know that Kanye was definitely the admiral of the ship to be like ‘Yo, this is what I wanna do.’ And we just did it. We made it hot.”