Produced by: RZA

Raekwon: “That’s another beat that RZA had in the basement that sounded real big and real strong. This was when we were in our Cuban Linx chamber and we were starting to build that album. That record right there was definitely one of the records where we were like, ‘Yo, we dare anybody to get in our way right now.’ Me and Ghost were just blood thirsty wolves right there. The beat was so strong, we already knew that that was definitely gonna be one on the album that niggas was gonna be like, ‘Yo, them boys from Staten Island ain’t playin’ on this microphone.’

“We wind up doing the video. You know me, orchestrating the video, ‘I need Benzes, jewels, and waterfalls behind shootin’ to the right.’ We actually went into the dessert and found a waterfall that shot to the right. I told Ghost, ‘I need you to be Vincent ‘Chin’ Gigante right now. Don’t have no muthafuckin’ gear on, all I need you in is a mean robe.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, you right. I'ma just run with the robes.’ And, the next think you know, he’s the robe man.

”I’m tellin’ you, from that record it opened up the door. It started it. So now it’s, ‘Yeah, I need my jewels and a robe, I ain’t wearin’ no clothes no more.’ I was all the way into my mafia chamber, so I’m tellin’ him, ‘Yeah this is how I need you to be. You’re my underboss. Yeah, you come, you walk around. We gonna do it like this.’ It was just a hot video man.”