Produced by: Self

Raekwon: “That's my Brooklyn boys right there. I'm a big fan of the Cocoa Brovaz, Black Moon, all of them. I love their style. We all came in around the same time, too. And for me, for some reason I guess I was just the people’s choice. They called me in, ‘Yo Chef, could we get that?’ ‘Of course, y'all Black Moon. Y'all Cocoa Brovaz, Smif N Wessun.’

”So, we went in and we did that track. They had the name, the title. They called it ‘Black Trump’ ‘cause I guess they felt like they were in their Scarface chamber and that was the part they liked, ‘Guess who’s the Black Trump.’ They turned it into a hook so they felt like, ‘Aight, if that's gon’ be the hook then let's get the don on it.’

”I just went in there and milked it. I loved where they were going with it, and I still feel like they were one of the best duo groups out there representing New York, and I was just excited to be a part of the movement. And, the record wound up coming out hot. We was flowin’ back and forth. It was a Brooklyn and Shaolin thing right then and there.”