MTV Unplugged returns with new season: In an effort to show that they're still marginally dedicated to music, MTV has decided to bring back Unplugged for a new season. A staple of '90s MTV programming, Unplugged had been in fluctuation for the last couple of years before it was brought back for good in 2009. We hope they turn it up this season and give us moments that rival Nirvana and Jay-Z's past performances on the show. We'll be watching. (It's either that or read The Situation's book.) [LINK]

Girl Talk gives away new album, All Day: Have you ever bought a Girl Talk album? Seriously, think about it; we'll wait. Of course you haven't! And if Greg Gillis is anything, it's consistent. So, like you did with 2008's Feed The Animals, you can now nab GT's All Day for free. If you feel really guilty for never having to pay for a single moment of booty-shaking, go ahead and see GT at one of his gazillion shows in 2011. [LINK]

Arcade Fire return to SNL, bring friends: Have you ever had a club sandwich, and the sandwich is awesome and perfect, but then you also eat the chips and they're just as good? Arcade Fire's SNL return is like that. Win Butler and company are the sandwich, the reason you came to this deli/watched SNL, despite knowing better. Special guests Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Owen Pallett are the chips. Oh, and Scarlett Johansson as host was the dessert. Yum. [LINK]

Jay Electronica signs with Jay-Z's Roc Nation label: If you're all aflutter from the recent signing of Willow Smith to Jay-Z's Roc Nation imprint, then we should also point out that the world doesn't revolve around Will Smith's offspring (as much as we'd hoped it would.) No, the label moves on with another big sign in the form of critically lauded MC Jay Electronica. Just thinking about the kind of magic the two Jays will make makes us want to whip our hair back and forth. [LINK]

Daft Punk drop six-minute sample of Tron: Legacy soundtrack: As if you couldn't be any more excited for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, those bionic boys of Daft Punk continue to string us along with more and more tastes of the electro goodness that will be their opus. After the six minutes of robot-produced auditory ecstasy, all we can do now is wait for the December 7th release date (or a leak). Also, that the actual movie doesn't suck. [LINK]

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