Young Jeezy "Standing Ovation" (2005) "Our relationship picked up before Boyz N Da Hood. We'd been seeing each other in the club. He'd been seeing me in the streets bumping around with different artists. He'd been hearing about me from Memphis—a lot of cats who listen to Yo Gotti know about me. He heard about me through Block, Jazze Pha. Now he's seeing me. I did 'Trap Niggaz' and 'Look' off Boyz N Da Hood. Me and Jeezy did a song with Jody Breeze called 'Get Your Gangsta On' that they were pumping hard in the streets. I had a couple of street singles with both Jody and Jeezy. Jeezy calls me like two weeks before the deadline for Thug Motivation 101. He's like, 'I found this track. It's going to be the intro for the album.' He plays the track for me and I felt sick, because I had already sold that beat.

"He's like, 'What you mean this shit sold? I need this, my nigga. How much they paid you for the beat? Whatever it is, we'll triple it.' I told Jeezy it's like that work, it's broke down and down the road, and in the dust. Nothing I can do to get that beat back. I sold it to an artist who was on Big Cat Records. That was back when Gucci was on Big Cat. It's a first come, first serve situation. You got the cash up, independent, major, it's whatever. Whoever put it up first, gets it.

"Jeezy gave me the a cappellas, and I got to working on version one. Take version one to him, and he's like, 'Nah, the first version is killing this shit. What you doing, dawg?' So I go back and do another version. Take that to him, then he's like, 'I knew I should have kept the first version. That ain't it.' I'm on the way out the door thinking, 'Fuck that shit, I got to make this nigga Jeezy's album. He's got the craziest buzz of an artist coming out the South.' Mind you, I stay in Stone Mountain, 45 minutes away from Patchwork Studios where he was working. I ain't been to sleep in like two days, trying to finish this shit for Jeezy.

"He was like, 'Look man, you come through for me on this shit, and I got you.' I went home, and the first thing that I played were those trumpets. I took that beat back to Jeezy and he just lit up smiling. That was 'Standing Ovation.' That shit gives people the chills, and it's a lot of people's favorite song. That's what put a nigga in the game. That put me on as a multi-platinum producer, all because I went through the initiative of three go-rounds on the a cappella."