Birdman f/ Drake, Lil Wayne "Money To Blow" (2009) "Drake reached out to me around '07. A couple cats, I can't remember who plugged me with him, were like, 'I want to hook you up with this artist from Canada. He's been acting and doing his thing. He's about to get into rapping, and he sings on the side.' He called me and put Drake on the phone. I never watched the show, so I didn't know who he was. People kept telling me he's an actor. I'm like, 'Cool, I'll work with anybody.' We go to Hot Beats, a real popular studio here in Atlanta. We meet in the A room for the first time, and he's a real cool, down-to-Earth dude. A couple of his people are from Memphis. He finds out I'm from Memphis, and we go back and forth.

"I played like seven or eight beats and he picked out like three or four. 'Money To Blow' was the first one. He's like, 'I'm gonna go in on this shit,' and he did the hook first. That was crazy. He did the hook right there on the spot, he did the verse right there in front of me, and we were jamming. He was like, 'This is all we're gonna do.' I think he had another session to go to. We took each other's number and stayed in contact.

"Six or seven months later, his buzz picked up like crazy, and the next thing you know I hear the record on the internet. One of the engineers must have gone through the computer and leaked that shit. There were several versions of the song with different rappers on there, all on the internet. A good year from there, Birdman hit me up saying they wanted it. When I heard it next, it had Wayne and Birdman on there. I told Drake he should have finished it for himself, but the record came out crazy. If that was Drake's first single, his album would've been crazy. For real, a lot of people were like 'I thought that was Drake's single.'

"I was supposed to be on Thank Me Later, but I don't think I made the album. I talked to Drake the other day and he said he had to turn in it in, but he said he got about five or six tracks with me on it that are crazy. I told him they should be on the album, but I think he got something else up his sleeve. We've been talking about doing some projects together, some mixtapes and whatnot. That was an album I planned on being on. It'll be interesting to see how the album goes and how we'll pick up from where we left off."