Left To Right: Wale, Lil' Wayne, Rihanna, Yeasayer, Raekwon

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If you haven't noticed, the music blogs were slow today, but we've pulled together five noteworthy records from the weekend that you probably missed out on while you were trick-or-treating. There's an album cut from Wale, Rihanna's second single, a bonus track from Wayne's new mixtape, and more to look forward to. Hit the jump to start listening...

SONG: "90210"
• Poor Wale. His debut album leaked over the weekend. The good news is that he's proven himself as more than a prematurely hyped rapper because there are some great songs on the LP. This Mark Ronson-produced cautionary tale for fame-obsessed young women is one of them.

SONG: "Single"
ARTIST: Lil' Wayne
• For those of you who downloaded the leaked No Ceilings and passed on the official version, you're not missing out on anything, except for this low key gem. Add it to your copy of the tape if you haven't already.

SONG: "Wait Your Turn"
ARTIST: Rihanna
• We weren't really feeling RiRi's first single, but as we predicted, the second record off Rated R is way nicer.

SONG: "Ambling Alp"
ARTIST: Yeasayer
• Rap leaks always outpace those of other genres, so it's essential to grab the dope alternative joints when they come around. This 80s-influenced jam from Brooklyn boys Yeasayer will help diversify your playlists.

SONG: "Stay Off The Fuckin' Flowers"
ARTIST: Blakroc f/ Raekwon
• We introduced you to Dame Dash and The Black Keys' rock-infused side project a while ago. The latest track to leak from the album is on point, just like the last one.

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