Left To Right: Shakira, Wiz Khalifa, LCD Soundsystem, Wild Nothing, Sean Kingston

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The blogs were kind of quiet again today, but we still managed to scrape together five download-worthy songs for the playlist. Shakira linked up with Wayne and Timbo, Wiz Khalifa finally dropped a real single, and some unknown kid from Virginia dropped one of the hottest indie rocks tracks of the year. That's not all of it either. Keep reading for the MP3 streams and download links...

SONG: "Give It Up To Me"
ARTIST: Shakira f/ Lil' Wayne & Timbaland
• Ryan Seacrest premiered this track on his radio show this morning. Keeping it 100, this one is a little disappointing for all the big names featured on it.

SONG: "This Plane"
ARTIST: Wiz Khalifa
• Wiz has been killing mixtapes for a minute now, but he finally has an album on the way. This is the first single from Deal Or No Deal and it sounds pretty good. Dope album title too.

SONG: "Bye Bye Bayou"
ARTIST: LCD Soundsystem
• James Murphy made one of the best albums of the decade back in 2007 and the next project drops in March. This won't be on the new album but it's worth a listen if you're a fan LCD's previous work.

SONG: "Confirmation"
ARTIST: Wild Nothing
• These one-man-bands are really starting to take over the indie rock scene, aren't they? It's hard to complain when the music is good though. Most of these "bands" will pass by, but this Wild Nothing guy has a chance of sticking around if he keeps making songs like this.

SONG: "Face Drop (Remix)"
ARTIST: Sean Kingston f/ Pleasure P
• It's no secret that we make fun of the kid sometimes, but yeah, Sean Kingston makes hits. We don't necessarily think this falls into that category, but your girl who only listens to Z100 might. Send it over to her.

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