In his latest interview on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, 2 Chainz, who just dropped off his new album Dope Don’t Sell Itself, explained what went down in a recent incident with an Uber driver he claimed was “disrespectful” to his wife and kids.

2 Chainz posted about the incident on his Instagram last month, sharing a video in which his wife Kesha Epps can be heard arguing with the driver before asking security to step in. “Hey @uber we need to get this right,” 2 Chainz wrote alongside the clip. “A driver was very disrespectful to my wife and kids and tried to put them out in the snow.” He broke down the situation further while on Hot 97.

“My daughter was videotaping, my daughter was actually the genius behind that,” he said at the 30:50 point, explaining that his wife and kid were “out of town” for a volleyball tournament. “It was snowing, and so my driver I guess end up getting an Uber to go to some steakhouse. … When they get back, something lead to something else where my wife felt disrespected by the driver. He acted like he wanted to put ‘em out but that wasn’t going to happen because it was snowing and she with her kids.”

In the clip, Epps can be heard calling the driver a “pussy-ass n***a” during a heated moment. “My wife is a very sweet person, but when it involved the kids, animal instincts kicked in,” he continued. “Uber has reached out and we’re going… You know, I have so many receipts. My daughter did a great job with just sitting there filming the whole thing.” He added that he only put up “a little small piece of the video,” and he doesn’t know how it would’ve gone down if he was there. “It was a small thing that ended up getting large really fast.”

Elsewhere in the chat, 2 Chainz was asked if he feels he’s underrated in the rap game. “I’m someone that… I do not complain, yet sometimes I have that underdog kind of feel,” he said at the 10:50. “I don’t know if it’s me too hard pressed on myself, or if it’s me wanting more and not being settled or content with what I have. … I just feel like it’s another little level of respect that I just gotta get from somewhere, and I don’t even know where that come from.”

He conceded that he knows he’s a “household name,” but he still thinks he has to “do five to ten times more things than this person to be at the same level as this person.” He said that on his current press run, he’s done around 20 or so interviews, but he knows there’s plenty of “great” musicians out there who don’t need to do a single interview to promote their record. 

He also confirmed that he plans to release at least two more albums this year, the second being another collaborative record with Lil Wayne and the third a project produced entirely by frequent collaborator Statik Selektah. “Nobody else producing on it, just Statik,” he said at the 25:00 point. “Statik probably mixed it already. … They’re done.”

Friday also saw the arrival of a new Breakfast Club interview with 2 Chainz, in which he opened up about working with the late Virgil Abloh. “It was a conversation that I had with the late Virgil Abloh doing Rap Or Go To The League where this idea [of a shoebox on the cover] came from,” said 2 Chainz, per Power 105.1. “It’s really unique that he’s no longer here. And it’s also unique that this is ten years separated from Based On A True Story, which was my first album, which Virgil actually created. I’m getting so much good feedback, I just wish he was around, cause it just feels like a full circle moment.”

Watch the interviews with 2 Chainz above and check out his performance of “Lost Kings” with Lil Durk and Sleepy Rose on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert below. The track is featured on the rapper’s new album Dope Don’t Sell Itself.