One Romanian skier had the close call of the lifetime when he was able to evade a bear attack

According to local paper Ziarul de iasi, the incident took place over the weekend at a resort in Predeal, Romania. In videos captured from the ski lift, the bear can be seen chasing the skier down the slope while other patrons shout warnings at him. 

"Go faster, go faster! Come on, the bear is chasing you! Go faster!" onlookers reportedly said, per the outlet. 

At one point, the man ditched his book bag, which police spokesperson Ion Zaharia said proved to be the man's life-saving decision after the bear stopped chasing him to investigate the package. That quick thinking bought the skier enough time to evade the predator and make it to safety. 

Following the close encounter, police said that they received three separate calls from locals about bear sightings. Authorities went to investigate the area on ATVs, but the bear had already returned to the woods.

Bears are no stranger to this area. Last year, the police had to relocate a bear after several reported sightings. Officers are still looking for the bear that attacked the man on Saturday. If they find them, the department has assured the public that it will be moved to a safer environment like other bears in the past.