Something out of a nightmare came true for two teens in Florida

On Thursday, the Orlando CNN affiliate reported that two teens were stuck at the top of Old Town amusement park’s slingshot ride in Kissimmee for hours after one of the cables broke. The ride was about 40 feet in the air when the Osceola County Fire Department and other emergency workers came to rescue the teens. Fortunately, the cable that broke was a non-load-bearing cable and the riders refused medical attention. 

“The ride is designed with redundancy, so if something like this does happen, it’s very unusual to begin with, but if it does, then we have a backup system and everything went fine,” he explained. “The only unfortunate situation is they were suspended on the ride for a few hours.”

Workers returned to the site the following day to investigate the cause of the malfunction. The director of marketing and sales for Old Town Slingshot, John Stine, said there is “no timetable” on when the case will conclude. 

“We’ll do it when everything is done the way it needs to be done,” he said per CNN

The ride was last inspected on March 19 without issue. Stine claims that the company performs daily inspections and does official inspections with the state twice every year.