Two women in Florida attempted to dress as “grannies” so that they could acquire COVID-19 vaccines, ABC News reports

The women, who donned bonnets, glasses, and gloves in hopes of passing themselves off as being older than they really are, tried to receive a shot of the vaccine at Orange County Convention Center. According to Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the women were identified as Olga Monroy-Ramirez, 44, and Martha Vivian Monroy, 34 and were given trespass warnings. People who are aged 65 or older are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines in the state.

Interestingly, the women were able to receive the first of two vaccine shots but were denied the second time when an issue was identified with their ID cards. On their second visit, WKMG-TV reported vaccinators thought the women “looked funny” and were stopped prior to getting the vaccine. It’s unclear if they dressed to make themselves look older the first time around.

“So yesterday, we realized a couple of young ladies came dressed up as grannies to get vaccinated for the second time,” Dr. Raul Pino, the director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, said at a press briefing on Thursday, per ABC News. “So I don’t know how they escaped the first time.”

Pino noted the vaccine “is the hottest commodity that is out there right now” and added that officials must “be very careful with the funds and the resources that we are provided.”