The U.S. State Department is warning Americans they’re not completely safe when flying internationally just yet, even if they’re vaccinated.

The BBC reports that in the new advisory, Americans are recommended not to visit 34 out of 200 countries, or 80 percent of the world, because COVID-19 still “poses unprecedented risks to travelers” in countries that are seeing surges in cases.

Macau, Taiwan, and New Zealand are the three safest international destinations, according to the department’s four risk levels, with a suggestion to “exercise normal precautions.” Other places, like the UK, are at Level Three, or “reconsider travel,” while Level Four countries have been deemed “do not travel.”

The State Department’s new travel guidelines “better reflect the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s science-based Travel Health Notices.” The State Department noted, “As always, we are closely monitoring conditions around the globe, and will regularly update our destination-specific advice to U.S. travelers as conditions evolve.”

The CDC suggests Americans avoid traveling in the U.S. until they have been completely vaccinated. Earlier this month, the CDC also recommended that Americans not travel to Canada since the country is at a Level Four, regardless of whether or not they’ve been inoculated.