A Tulsa woman was arrested after she was linked to a bag of Cheetos left at the scene of an attempted burglary.

The New York Daily News reports that Sharon Carr is now facing first-degree burglary charges. She found herself in jail over the weekend after “residue” from the chips was discovered on her teeth, allowing police to connect her to the attempted theft.

Cops reported to a house in Tulsa, Oklahoma around 8 p.m. on Friday after a woman and her two children phoned 911 about a burglar breaking into the property. The family was still at home when the caller said someone had entered through a window but didn’t steal anything.

Officers studied the scene, ultimately finding a bag of Cheetos and water bottle on the floor near the window through which the burglar entered. Investigators think the bag fell as the suspect fled the home. When police found Carr soon after, they saw traces of the Cheetos in her teeth. “A good reminder that Cheeto dust can be pretty hard to get rid of,” Tulsa police wrote in a Facebook post.

The homeowner also identified Carr as the burglar, and she was subsequently arrested. Carr didn’t harm anyone during the incident, according to police.