In a surprising twist, a Long Island DJ has been arrested after Snapchat videos showed him inside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection, where he was smoking a joint.

Greg Rubenacker was charged with a number of crimes on Tuesday using his Snapchat stories, which included an image of MAGA loyalists crowded near the Washington Monument and the caption, “America is pissed.” In another video from inside the Capitol, he said, “Holy shit! This is history! We took the Capitol!”

In the same post, Rubenacker turns the camera to himself and proclaims, “America, baby. What a time,” while puffing on his e-cigarette. He also took a video of himself smoking weed: “Smoke out the Capitol, baby,” he said. An individual nearby asks, “How many joints we have?” and is shown counting the people smoking in the area, including Rubenacker, who holds up his joint.

“Rubenacker then immediately pans the camera back to himself and says ‘Hell yeah,’ as he puts the cigarette back into his mouth, inhales, and exhales smoke into the Capitol Rotunda,” the complaint states. He’s now facing charges for knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, knowingly engaging in disorderly conduct in any restricted building that disrupts the Government, and more.

The complaint also reveals that an anonymous person submitted the Snapchat stories of Rubenacker. This person had known the DJ for multiple years and attended school with him.