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A man was issued a warning for trespassing in June after he was caught giving a tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a stolen company-issued iPad, Orlando-based NBC affiliate WESH reports

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was contacted after an investigation manager for Disney’s Tickets and Resort Fraud division noticed there were unauthorized overrides on reservations in a Walt Disney World app meant for employee use only. The investigator suspected someone had gained access to one of their devices, and used the app to skip to the front of the line.  

According to an incident report obtained by WPTV, a Disney World employee saw Rennan Carletto, 30, leading a group of people towards one of the rides, and bypassing the line after tickets were presented. Hollywood Studios staff were told to cancel any reservations made by Carletto for himself and his guest. 

Carletto was followed into the parking lot and approached by the investigator and a deputy working at the theme park. He claimed to work for A class, under a boss named “Tony.” Carletto alleges he was unaware that the iPad in his possession was stolen before giving the device back to them. Officials said the investigator was not only aware of the “Tony” that Carletto mentioned, but they dealt with him in the past over similar circumstances. However, no other information regarding “Tony” was provided.

It remains unclear how the iPad found its way into the hands of Carletto. Meanwhile, his trespassing warning applies for all Disney properties.