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On Saturday, a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck near Haiti, devastating the island just years after another huge earthquake killed over 200,000 people. As of Sunday, at least 1,297 people have been confirmed dead.

Unfortunately, the deathtoll is expected to grow, as many people are still unaccounted for. And with the country also facing the threat of Tropical Depression Grace, aid workers have been hurrying their relief efforts across the region, with the expectation that it could pass through areas most impacted by the earthquake, Al Jazeera reports. 

Haiti’s new prime minister, Ariel Henry, declared a month-long state of emergency after the “violent quake” struck. “We will make the necessary arrangements to assist those affected by the earthquake,” he tweeted. “The government will declare a state of emergency. We will act quickly.”

Many Haitians have had their homes damaged or destroyed by the quake, and a number of high-profile relief organizations have announced plans or have already launched efforts to provide support. The United States has already deployed an urban search-and-rescue team, and is sending “vital supplies” to those in need. Colombia has also dispatched individuals to help, as has Mexico. The natural disaster comes amid a particularly turbulent time for Haiti, following the assassination of then-Haitian president Jovenel Moïse during an attack on his home last month.

Find out how you can help via this list of organizations that are accepting donations for relief in Haiti below.