A surreal scene unfolded at Shanghai Disneyland on Halloween night as the massive theme park tested over 30,000 guests for COVID-19 after one person was found to be positive.

According to The Hollywood Reporterthe amusement park was under complete shutdown and would not let any of its attendees leave before getting tested for COVID after one woman who was at the park on Saturday learned she had been in close contact with someone who contracted the virus. She later tested positive, prompting Shanghai Disneyland to make sure no one else was before releasing them back into the population.

While the situation sounds like something straight out of Contagion, images of the scene show orderly lines of people taking COVID tests as the Disneyland employees reportedly tried to keep spirits high and prioritized children being tested first. These extreme measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 are just another aspect of China’s “COVID zero” approach that has helped the country become 80 percent vaccinated and limit deaths to under 5,000. 

As cited in a notice released by the park, Shanghai Disneyland announced that it would be closed until Wednesday after the ordeal.

“We will notify guests as soon as we have a confirmed date to resume operations,” the notice read. “Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!”

Shanghai Disneyland reopened in May 2020 after being the first park to close at the beginning of the pandemic. It has since upheld tight COVID restrictions to keep the community and it’s guests safe.