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There’s not a lot of wiggle room in the phrase “shooters shoot.” Defendant Demetrius Lewis proved that he’s down to spit game no matter the circumstances when he flirted with the judge at his own bond hearing.

Lewis was called before Broward County Judge Tabitha Blackmon on Thursday to discuss his bond for an upcoming attempted burglary case. Before Blackmon could move the hearing forward, Lewis took the opportunity to pitch woo at the judge.

“Judge, you [are] so gorgeous, so gorgeous judge, I just had to tell you. You’re gorgeous,” Lewis said.

Blackmon laughed and thanked Lewis before telling him, “Flattery will get you everywhere, but maybe not here.”

Lewis’ bond was ultimately set at $5000. If he wants to stick to this tactic, he might have better luck at trial. A criminal case in Australia was declared a mistrial after a juror was accused of making eyes at the defendant.

Judge Peter Berman tossed the case after a sheriff in the courtroom claimed to spot the jury’s forewoman making flirtatious gestures toward the defendant.

"Discharging a juror for flirtatious behaviour is fortunately not something that happens all that often.” Berman told the court, per Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.“I heard some evidence … about some subtle communication going from the juror to the accused. No one is suggesting that the accused was responding.”

Another juror was dismissed in 2016 in a case against members of a Sydney street gang for persistently flirting with one of the defendants from the jurors box.