President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were briefly evacuated from their Delaware vacation home Saturday after a  private airplane mistakenly entered restricted airspace, per PBS

The incident took place before the small plane was escorted from the airspace after “mistakenly entering a secured area,” and the Bidens quickly returned to their Rehoboth Beach home. They were not in danger, per the White House, as the relocation was precautionary.

The pilot, who was not following published flight guidance, will be interviewed by the Secret Service. Restrictions were initially published earlier in the week by the Federal Aviation Administration, including a 10-mile radius no-fly zone and a 30-mile restricted zone. 

Planes in these types of situations, per PBS, are often intercepted by U.S. military jets and Coast Guard helicopters and urged to head to a nearby airfield for questioning and potential criminal charges. 

Earlier this week, Biden met with K-Pop super group BTS to discuss a rise in hate crimes against Asian-Americans. The tweet he shared on Tuesday, Forbes reveals, soon became his top tweet in office, as it includes a compilation of moments from the group’s visit to the Oval Office.