Video Shows Tennessee Parents Harassing Health Officials Over School Mask Mandate

Believe it or not, this variety of anti-mask aggression is still happening on a routine basis in vaccination-resistant regions of the country.


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A crowd of people who are apparently hell-bent on the pandemic lasting as close to forever as possible were filmed harassing and threatening officials in Tennessee on Tuesday night.

The Williamson County Schools Board of Education voted the same day to require masks for elementary students, staff, and others when inside or on a bus. The vote, as Anika Exum and Brinley Hineman reported for the Nashville-based paper the Tennessean, was preceded by a four-hour meeting interrupted on multiple occasions by anti-maskers. One individual, per the report, was escorted out of the meeting by local deputies.

Here’s the video I tried to tweet earlier but wouldn’t go through. A man was being disruptive during the Williamson County Schools meeting and deputies escorted him out. Dozens of enraged anti-mask parents followed.

— Brinley Hineman (@brinleyhineman) August 11, 2021

The mandate begins Thursday and allows for elementary teachers to take off their masks if they are more than six feet away from students. For now, the temporary mandate is slated to end Sept. 21 unless a future board meeting decides otherwise.

Following the meeting, a crowd of presumed parents—though some have since questioned if the harassers’ children even attend public school—were seen aggressively getting in the face of health officials and other attendees, including some doctors and nurses.

Regional photographer and journalist Matt Masters caught much of it on video, with the crowd seen chanting “Will not comply!” and “No more masks!” At one point, an anti-masker is heard referring to the health officials and others as “child abusers,” which makes exactly zero sense given that mask mandates are designed to keep people—in this case, children—as safe as possible.

“There’s a bad place in hell and everybody’s taking notes, buddy,” another man says to someone leaving the meeting. “Keep that little smile, yeah. … We know who you are. No more masks!”

Anti-mask demonstrators heckle masked people (some of whom are Drs/nurses) leaving 08/10/21 #Williamsoncountytn #schoolboardmeeting following one man to his car and shouting “we will find you” & “we know who you are” @WilliamsonHmPg 1/2

— Matt Masters (@formvscontent) August 11, 2021

On multiple occasions, anti-maskers are heard referring to the responding law enforcement authorities as being on their side. At another point, two anti-maskers—both of them men—are seen berating someone who’s trying to leave the parking lot in their vehicle.

“We know who you are,” one is heard saying. “You can leave freely but we will find you.”

2/2 Williamson County Sheriff's Office Sgt. : "I am begging ya'll to be peaceful" -hundreds of protesters earlier-School board voted to require masks for elementary schools until 9/21/21. FPD also on site. #williamsoncountyschools #franklintn @WilliamsonHmPg

— Matt Masters (@formvscontent) August 11, 2021

Notably, Williamson County—which includes the cities of Franklin, Brentwood, Fairview, and a portion of Spring Hill—is the wealthiest county in Tennessee. In every presidential election since 2000, Williamson has voted Republican.

Complex has reached out to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and the Franklin Police Department for comment.

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