Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack Responds to Conservatives' Criticism of Twerking Video

Amid the criticism from conservatives, a larger discussion was spurred about Sen. Mack being targeted for her progressive political platform.


a promised senator thirst trap at Block Island 😈

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Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack is shutting down criticism from the usual suspects over a twerking clip she shared to TikTok.

As you may have seen in recent days, the conservatives-angering footage in question sees Mack simply enjoying some time off at the beach with friends, at one point twerking upside down. “Vote Senator Mack!” she says at the end of the clip.

While people whose brains aren’t akin to fecal matter were quick to support the clip, as well as Mack’s refreshingly progressive platform as an elected official, conservatives (as well as general trolls) responded by sharing predictably antiquated comments and attacking Mack’s credibility.

“Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday,” Mack said in a tweet.

In subsequent tweets, Mack also criticized the negative attention being given to the video in the press, asking if the same level of coverage could be given to the “policy wins” she’s had as the youngest Black state senator in Rhode Island.

“As a Black, queer woman you all should know the answer. It’s no,” Mack said, adding that critics can “carry on their narrative” while she focuses on other things.

“I’m going to be joyful, free, and unbothered,” she said.

Mack also shared further commentary on the discussion surrounding the twerking video from Run for Something co-founder Amanda Litman, who noted that “trolls” aren’t actually targeting the video itself but are instead coming for Mack because she’s a “young queer Black Leader” who supports reproductive rights.

Elsewhere, Mack fielded criticism and responded to praise over the video in a number of additional TikTok updates, some of which can be seen below.

Mack became the first openly queer Black member of the Rhode Island State Senate after unseating anti-abortion candidate Harold Meets in 2020. Speaking with NBC News at the time, Mack promised to be “unapologetically Black” and ‘unapologetically queer” in the role.

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