Ocean Spray Gifts "Dreams" TikTok Star a New Truck Stocked With Juice

Doggface208 was surprised with a brand new truck fittingly stocked with juice and other Ocean Spray products. "Dreams" mania, meanwhile, continues.

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Any opportunity to write a bit more about Nathan Apodaca's still-ubiquitous "Dreams" clip is an opportunity worth taking.

This week, we learned—straight from Apodaca (a.k.a. Doggface420) himself—that Ocean Spray came through for the burgeoning TikTok star by gifting him a new truck.  Fittingly, the truck in question boasts a very juice-esque paint job and arrived with its bed stocked full of Ocean Spray products.

The fitting gift was a collaborative effort between Ocean Spray, whose CEO recently recreated the skating "Dreams" clip himself, and Ron Sayer Nissan in Idaho Falls.

"We can not think of a more down to earth guy," a Ron Sayer Nissan rep said of the "much-deserved set of wheels" gifted to Apodaca. "Now turn up some music and enjoy some juice."

As has now been widely reported, the joyous TikTok clip has given Fleetwood Mac a palpable streaming boost while resulting in thousands in donations for the clip’s creator. Speaking with TMZ last month, Apodaca said he was putting the donations toward transportation and housing needs, as well as setting some aside as a gift for his mother.

"It's crazy. I don't know how many donations are gonna keep coming in but, like I said, it's a blessing in itself," he said at the time. "I wanna give my mom a little bit, for sure. So right now I know I'm gonna give her $5,000."

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