Nathan 'Doggface' Apodaca Selling Viral Longboarding Video as NFT

The starting bid for the NFT will be $500,000 and the sale launches this Friday. The money, in part, will help build a new Idaho Falls event center.

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Nathan Apodaca, better known to studious TikTok viewers as Doggface and/or Doggface208, is getting into the NFT (non-fungible token) market.

Early Wednesday, TMZ came through with a report revealing that Apodaca will be selling the original viral clip that launched him into TikTok megastardom (see above) as an NFT via the Rarible market site. According to the report, the sale will launch on Friday, with bids set to start at a minimum of $500,000.

Of course, for rights-related reasons, the NFT sale will not include the clip of Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 single “Dreams” that soundtracks Doggface’s hit. Furthermore, the Ocean Spray logo on the bottle in his hand will be blurred out.

Also mentioned in Wednesday’s report is that Apodaca is planning to use money raised in the sale to purchase a home for his parents, as well as help fund a new event center in his hometown.

When reached for additional comment, Apodaca’s manager confirmed to Complex that the video will be for sale on Friday at 11 a.m. with a $500,000 minimum bid as part of a partnership with WEBB Blockchain Media/Crypto Cake TV. His manager also confirmed to Complex that funds will be used for an event center in Idaho Falls.

NFTs, as you’ve probably noticed over the past few months, have become a mainstay in headlines thanks in part to other recent examples of high-profile offerings like Jack Dorsey hawking the first-ever tweet and Elon Musk selling a song about NFTs as an NFT. But the real excitement comes for artists and art collectors, not from publicity stunt-esque money raises like Musk’s.

Earlier this month, The Hundreds co-founder Bobby Hundreds—who’s been publicly sharing his insight on NFTs via Clubhouse and his own website—zeroed in on the most easily explainable purpose of bagging an NFT.

“The best way to explain NFTs to a layman is that they [NFTs] are certificates, and these certificates, they’re really just proof that you own a piece of art,” Bobby told Complex. “It’s not a piece of art in our physical real world that we live in IRL; these are digital pieces of art that are recorded on what is called the Ethereum blockchain.” 

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