Elon Musk is stepping into the world of NFTs.

Over the last few weeks, NFTs – non-fungible tokens – have shaken up the Internet, as they’re being used to sell digital artwork, tweets and more. While Jack Dorsey and others have gotten involved with NFTs, Tesla CEO Musk is now offering his followers the chance to take digital ownership of some Musk music. 

Musk’s latest sonic offering, an EDM song appropriately about NFTs, is being sold on website Valuables, with its highest bid already at $1.1 million. The song’s booming production is a fit for when clubs return, as its lyrics prove to be as timely as ever: “NFT for your vanity/ Computers never sleep/ It’s verified/ It’s guaranteed.”

This is in no way Musk’s musical debut. Back in 2019, Musk surprised his Twitter feed with “RIP Harambe,” an emotional tribute to Harambe, the meme-sparking gorilla who was shot at the Cincinnati zoo after a child fell into his enclosure.

If this NFT track has already earned over $1 million, there’s no telling how much a classic like “RIP Harambe” could pull at auction. 

Last week, the artist Beeple sold a NFT for $69 million. “I do view this as the next chapter of art history,” he said after the sale. “Now there is a way to collect digital art.”