Michigan Trump Supporters Set Fire to Absentee Ballot Applications

Trump supporters in Michigan burned up absentee ballot applications in an asinine attempt at protesting.


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Trump supporters appear to believe that setting absentee ballot applications ablaze will somehow harm anyone but themselves.

As spotted by the Detroit News in a report shared on Saturday, a few people of the Trump cult variety in the Michigan town of Walker were recently seen burning absentee ballot applications during a purported protest event dubbed "Operation Incinerator." 

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Absentee ballot usage during the COVID-19 era, of course, has been a frequent target of Trump ire and attempted misinformation campaigns.


It's unclear what, exactly, these absentee ballot application arsonists are aiming to accomplish with this display. Presumably, they're all acting based on the repeated comments of criticism Trump has hurled at alternative voting practices for fear of opening up the election to as many voters as possible.

Last month, for example, Trump threatened social media companies after Twitter added a fact check feature to the former steak salesman's tweets in which he falsely labeled mail-in voting as a "fraudulent" practice. Within days, Twitter was again forced to take action regarding Trump's account activity when the purported POTUS "glorified violence" in a tweet about protesters.

And while voter suppression tactics are indeed at play in 2020, it has a high chance of overwhelmingly working in someone like Trump's favor and potentially silence the voices of young voters, particularly people of color.

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