Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocked for Bizarre Anti-Vaxxer Workout Video

Previously, the Georgia Republican—who's widely known for readily embracing conspiracy theories—likened vaccine passports to the "mark of the beast."




Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right Republican representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district who’s known for—among other things—openly supporting a number of dangerous conspiracy theories, has unfortunately found her way back onto your timeline this afternoon. 

On Thursday, Greene—who previously likened vaccine passports to the wholly fictional “mark of the beast” concept—shared a video clip on social media in which she’s seen embarking on a slew of questionable workouts.

“This is my Covid protection,” Greene captioned the video, which she nonsensically hashtagged with #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain. Greene also used the opportunity to call for the firing of Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical advisor and consistent voice of reason and measured caution amid the pandemic era.

Also on Thursday, Greene told her followers to “not comply” with vaccine passports and also introduced the Fire Fauci Act and the We Will Not Comply Act. The former aims to reduce Fauci’s salary to zero dollars, while the latter aims to ban vaccine passports and “cut off federal funding for a vaccine mandate on employees,” as well as prevent any enforcement of other similarly safety-minded vaccine policies.

Back in February, the House of Representatives voted to eject Greene from her committee assignments.

Anyway, ignore mindless nonsense of the Greene variety and please get a damn vaccine. While you wait to secure an appointment, peruse some examples of people mocking Greene’s latest attempted pandemic-denying stunt below. And for more on her history of such things, read this.

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