Embarrassing Map Shows the Question Each State Googles the Most

A map that shows each state’s most-Googled question proves there are such things as dumb questions.

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How are you feeling, Georgia? Specifically, how are those apparently chronically sore nipples treating you? As revealed in Estately's latest map roundup, the questions each state Googles more than any other state certainly paint a unique and endlessly fascinating portrait of America in 2016.

To arrive at their mind-boggling findings, Estately compiled hundreds of the most Googled questions using the Google auto-complete feature. Those queries were then plugged into Google Trends to figure out which state searched each of those questions more than any other state between 2004 and 2016. The results, as we are a wild and wonderful society, are predictably fantastic.

While Kansas seems pretty concerned with learning the ins and outs of the meth cooking trade, while other states have more pressing concerns. California really wants to know if Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is vegan, while their neighbors in Nevada have honed in on figuring out who the hell invented pizza—vegan or otherwise.

But it gets even worse. New Mexico has no idea how to be emo. Texas doesn't know "where" the internet is. Floridians are completely perplexed by the notion that every other state simply can't stop mocking them for being, you know, Florida. And Kentucky? Well, Kentucky would really like some tips on how one might go about making a baby.

Thankfully, Hawaii decided to get a bit more existential with their Googled concerns by scouring the internet for the meaning of life. Though it's safe to say we'll likely never get an answer to that question, we can at least assume the meaning of life totally includes the pastime of meticulously studying the Googling habits of everyone else to gauge your own sanity.

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