The sad thing about the start of a new year, with all due respect, is that everyone gets kind of cocky about the mountain of self-inflicted responsibilities they expect to plow through in the 12 months ahead. Though no one actually transcribes their New Year's resolutions using the two ancient devices above, purportedly called a "pen" and "paper," plenty of people are still inundating themselves with a long list of eventual failures in the spirit of beginnings and starting anew and all that tomfoolery.

Thankfully, Google is here to let everyone know what everyone else has been planning to accomplish (only to later admit defeat while eating a Costanza-level block of cheese). After determining the most Googled "how to" phrases, i.e. how to not make New Year's resolutions (which sadly makes no appearance), the Google gods then compiled a handy top ten list that pretty much contains all the usual suspects: health, hobbies, and quitting one's job. The data, compiled and/or crunched by Zap2It by way of Time, includes searches from the week leading up to New Year's Day 2015, in addition to the week following the most optimistic day of the year.

Good news, kale lovers and crocheted beanie enthusiasts. Every year is your year.

Peep the full list, via Time, below:

1. how to get rid of stress

2. how to make kale chips

3. how much water should i drink to lose weight

4. how to write a resignation letter

5. how to cook lentils

6. how to cook cabbage

7. how to write a letter of recommendation

8. how to cook collard greens

9. how to steam broccoli

10. how to crochet a beanie