Watch an Actual Alligator Reveal This Baby’s Gender

T. Mike the Gator King had a gender reveal party the only way he knew how: with a live alligator.




Gender reveal parties have become the latest trend for expectant parents to put on an elaborate showcase of entertainment and whimsy in order to share the gender of their unborn children with their family and friends. Like most things nowadays, gender reveal parties have morphed into a strange cultural phenomenon that exists solely to prove how extra one can be in order to get likes and retweets online. Well, one soon-to-be dad in Louisiana has raised the bar astronomically for all gender reveal parties to follow.

Mike Kliebert, better known as T. Mike, The Gator King (amazing) decided to up the ante for his reveal party and bring in, yes, a living, breathing alligator. According toWNEP/ABC 16The Gator King hails from Ponchatoula, Louisiana and is an alligator wrangler and tour guide, which in retrospect makes this story much more understandable. Gators are like the deer of the South, right? 

The video of this wondrous spectacle shows T. Mike casually touching and holding the massive alligator's snout and eventually tossing a small watermelon into his jaws. The large lizard instinctively snaps his mouth shut, crushing the watermelon with ease to reveal a bright blue gelatinous substance—it's a boy! The anxious onlookers, each with their phones out, erupt into cheers, and one small child gets so excited, he rolls onto the floor near the gator. While everyone celebrates, it looks for a second as though the gator is waddling toward the kid, but it swoops the Gator King to wrangle him away and the video cuts off.

Melody Kliebert, who is apparently the grandma-to-be, shared the video on her Facebook with the caption, "Just found out my grand baby is a...gotta love it!! And I do!! No matter the results!!" And it now has two million views.

There's something oddly charming about this typical family's not-so-typical gender reveal party, but outsiders are left with like, a lot of questions about the logistics of this whole situation. Nonetheless, the Klieberts and their family seem excited to welcome a new baby boy into their flock, and as long as that little kid was not eaten by that very large and dangerous lizard, who are we to judge?

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