Nardwuar Connects With Green Party Leader Annamie Paul for a Double Hip Flip

The Human Serviette met up with the Green party leader in Vancouver where he presented her with gifts, asked some questions and then did a double hip flip.

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Today is the day Canadians head out to vote in this year’s election, and Nardwuar managed to squeeze in one more interview with a party leader before the polls close. Not long after interviewing NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and getting him to play a game of Hip Flip, Nardwuar is at it again, this time with Green Party leader Annamie Paul. 

In a new interview, Nardwuar met up with Paul in Vancouver where he presented her with some gifts, including a recording of J.R.R. Tolkien reading The Lord of the Rings, a Sammy Watts vinyl, a Japanese issue of of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and more.

Aside from talking about her mother and grandmother, and her love of adidas Stan Smiths, Nardwuar and Paul discussed why Canada isn’t a global leader in environmental change.

“You know, it’s a mystery,” Paul said. “We have everything that it takes, clearly people care about it a lot; it’s a head-scratcher.”

She added that she remains confident that Canada will be a global leader because “we need to do our fair share.”

Paul was then joined by her son, who gushed about his mother and shared some family memories, including the time Paul brought him to meet Bill Clinton. Narwuar had some gifts for him as well, including a vinyl of Billie Eilish’s album Happier Than Ever.

She then joined Nardwuar to do the Hip Flip, and ended up doing a double Hip Flip—a feat that Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have never accomplished.

“If you got the hips, you gotta work ‘em,” she said.

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